Dublin Library


Who Are We?

The Friends of the Dublin Library is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the Dublin Library. The Friends are passionate about the importance of the library to the city. We support the library by:

  • Buying DVDs for the library's collection
  • Sponsoring the "Mother Goose on the Loose" early literacy program
  • Funding the Family Sing-along program
  • Underwriting children's summer programs
  • Sponsoring the Dublin Reads program
  • Supporting the library's book club by providing the books and discussion kits
  • Underwriting guest speakers

...and funding many more special programs and events at the library.

Interested in Helping?

Book sales provide the majority of funding for special library programs and equipment. We always need volunteers to help with our semi-annual book sales, held each spring and autumn:

Donation Sorters Sift through weekly donations, select and categorize books for the book sale. Needed: once or twice a week, 1-2 hours

Book Sale Setup: Move books from storage to sale room. Arrange books on tables and put up signage. Needed: 4 hours before each book sale.

Cashiers/Floor Staff: Take payments at the book sales. Help keep sale room orderly. Needed: 2 hours per book sale

Clean-up Crew: Move unsold materials from sale room back to storage. Needed: 4 hours after end of each book sale.