Donation Guidelines

Donated items must be whole and clean. We cannot accept items that are torn, water-damaged or moldy. We do not accept the following types of items, because they cannot be sold:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Computer manuals over five years old
  • Textbooks that are highlighted and/or over five years old
  • VHS videotapes
  • Cassette tapes

A single bag can be left at the library’s Circulation Desk; boxes and large loads should be taken to the library’s rear door. Ring the bell for a library staff member. Ask for a receipt, if needed.

Reaching out to us to request donations of books or money?

Friends of Dublin Library, Inc. is deeply committed to supporting the programs and operations of the Dublin Library in California. Our journey is fueled by the passion and support of our community, volunteers, and the generosity of our donors.

As our resources are dedicated to supporting our core mission, we find ourselves in the challenging position of not being able to extend financial assistance or donate books to other causes outside our designated programs. This decision comes from a place of responsibility to our donors and commitment to the Dublin Library, ensuring that every contribution we receive is directed towards making the most significant impact possible for the library and our community.